Philippines to export to South

The South Korean market will now accept products from the Philippines the Department of Agriculture (DA) announced.

Northern neighbor South Korea is now open to the entry dressed chicken and many more Philippine products into the country, including new commodities like yellow corn, okra and avocado provided that these are of top quality and priced fairly to be competitive with those coming from other countries. – DA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol in a statement said.

South Korea has already allowed the entry of dressed chicken from the country and has given three Philippine poultry producers accreditation to export.

Because of the avian flu the hit South Korea, they faced shortage of poultry products. Dressed chicken in their supermarkets now sells for $5 a kilo or P250.

South Korean Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Kim Jae-soo said during the Bilateral Talks on agriculture and food that they are also open to importing other agricultural products from the Philippines like yellow corn, okra, and avocado.

These products must be of good quality and priced competitively to be able to gain access to the South Korean market. -Kim Jae-soo.

After the entry of Philippine products has been granted, Piñol has also asked the South Korean government to lower the the tariff for major Philippine products like banana, mango and pineapple. These products have tariff rates are as high as 35%.

The Philippines holds about 90% of the South Korean banana market but Ecuador and other South American banana producing countries are gaining ground because of their Free Trade Agreement with South Korea.

On the other hand, South Korea has also asked the Philippines to allow the entry of South Korean strawberries to the country because of their huge demand from its nationals living here.


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