SC, affirm the RH Law NOW!

The temporary restraining order (TRO) on the Reproductive Health Law needs to be affirmed by the Supreme Court (SC), and it needs to do it RIGHT NOW because every single day that it is delayed, lives of women and children are put at risk.

The Philippines, because of lack of sex education, is among the fastest growing population in the world. Every minute 3.2 women give birth. As many as 200,000 teenage Filipinas will give birth this year — whether planned or unplanned.

By the rate the Filipinos are having babies, the country’s population is set to increase to 104 million by the end of 2017 and 142 million by the end of 2045. This number of people is mind numbing.

Lack of sex education and availability of contraceptives will increase the unwanted pregnancy rate and unwanted pregnancies will result to intentional abortions, which in turn will result to maternal mortality.

Currently, of the 4,600 new babies born each day, 10 will lose their mothers. The maternal mortality rate is seen to rise by 30 percent if the RH Law is not implemented. This will erase all the improvements we have gained in the recent years.

To curb infant and maternal mortality and make sure the county does not experience population explosion, we have to make sure that modern family planning method is available to all. This will only be done if the Supreme Court lifts its TRO on RH Law.

The longer it ignores the clamor of the people for effective and safe contraceptives the bigger the problem the country will have to face in the future.




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