Church vs. People: the battle of RH Law implementation

The Philippines is on the verge of experiencing population explosion and the number of unwanted pregnancies and deaths due to birth complications are also on the rise. Yet, the Catholic Church is adamant as ever in preventing the implementation of the Reproductive Health (RH) Law.

The RH Law has been slapped with a TRO after a Church-backed non-government organization, Alliance for the Family Foundation (ALFI) filed a motion to halt its implementation.

It is not the first time that the Church tried to block the RH Law. They managed to stall it in Congress for 14 years until clearer heads prevailed. After it was passed into law, Senators Loren Legarda and Vicente Sotto III, who are devout Catholics, slashed P1 billion off its budget.

It is also not the first time the Church pulled its weight on issues of the state when it should have not (separation of church and state). They have tried (have many times succeeded) to force the government to do things their way. They are bullies hiding behind their white cassocks.

The Church twists and turns Bible verses to convince the masses that their voice is the voice of God. If they were really speaking for God, then the end result of their advocacy should result to greater good, but it does not. Instead it will result to more complications and difficulties.

Common sense and logic (which are God-given, by the way) dictate that by blocking the implementation of the RH Law, more women will die, many children will grow up in an unloving environment, the country social woes will increase, and more myriad of problems will arise. Surely, these are not God ordained.

They say the law will curtail people’s freedom of choice, because the law in essence is limiting. However, the same argument can be used against them. By blocking the law, they are cancelling the other birth control methods. They just want to dictate upon people the archaic and utterly ineffective method that their self-righteous selves have deemed to be right.

It is the state’s responsibility to take care of the wellbeing of its citizen. The Church’s duty is to instruct the people on spiritual matters. If they fail on their duty (which they obviously did), they should not go wagging their accusing fingers at the state, who is trying to fix a problem.

God is pro-choice. He has given the people free will, even if He knows that people will not always choose to do what is right.

Should the Church also do the same? Let the people choose. Stop pulling your weight around. Trust that you have shepherd them rightly that they will make the “righteous” choice.

If you really care about the people’s well being, quit opposing the RH Law.


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